BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway - FAQs

What to do when “BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway” option is not showing to purchase any product?

Make sure you have enabled the BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway from WooCoomerce > Settings > Payments.

Also, make sure have to check the Enable/Disable option and the Global Redeeming option at BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway page. Also, check whether the redeeming is not disabled on the specific product from the product edit page.

Can I use “BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway” and any other payment gateway simultaneously?

Yes, you can use BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway with any other payment gateway at the same time.

What would happen if a user doesn’t have the required BadgeOS points?

If the user doesn’t have enough require BadgeOS points, a message will be shown on the Checkout page that the user does not have enough BadgeOS points to buy the product(s).

Can the user view the BadgeOS required points or short points at the time of checkout?

Yes, whenever the user selects the BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway on the checkout page, the system will automatically show the User's total points and the  Redeeming points.