Moodle2LearnDash - FAQs

Which Moodle courses will be imported into Learndash courses?

All Moodle default course formats will be imported i.e. Single Activity/Topics/Weekly/Social into LearnDash. 

Which Moodle course activities will be imported into LearnDash?

Only LearnDash supported activities will be imported that are “Lessons” and “Quizzes”.

Which content will be imported in courses/lessons/quizzes?

Only title and description will be imported.

Which data will be imported in questions?

following question data will be imported:

  • Question title
  • Question description
  • Question answers
  • Question correct answers
  • Question answer points
  • Question associated quiz details

Which plugin should be installed on which site? 

Basically there are total two plugins that are used to migrate data. One is Moodle2WP that will be installed on the Moodle site and the second one is Moodle2LearnDash that will install on the WordPress site.

Does it import course/lesson/quizzes tags and categories?

No, tags and categories will not be imported right now, we will add these features in future releases.

Does it import users with the same credentials?

Yes, the plugin will import users from Moodle to WordPress site with the same login credentials.

What will not be imported?

The current version of the plugin will not import any settings from Moodle such as payment method for courses, course/quiz prerequisites, categories, tags, etc. Any moodle activities that are not supported by LearnDash i.e pages, chat, forum, etc won’t be imported as well.

What are the supported quiz question types that will be imported in LearnDash quiz questions?

Here are the supported Moodle quiz questions types that will be imported into LearnDash quiz questions. 

  • True/False
  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer
  • Essay
  • Select missing words

Other moodle question types are not supported by LearnDash so they won’t be imported.

What will be imported in user’s progress and enrollments?

User’s course enrollments and course progress will be imported. All the courses/lessons/quizzes that were completed in the Moodle for a user will be marked as completed in LearnDash also.