LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate - FAQs

If I have purchased quiz access, do I have to repurchase it to reattempt the quiz?

No, you don’t have to purchase the access again. You can retake the quiz multiple times with a single payment, depending on the characteristics of the quiz.

If I have purchased a course Certificate, do I have to repurchase it when I want to download it again?

No, you just have to purchase the access once after completing the course. You can download the certificate any number of times, as long as the course continues to be offered on the website.

Does the add-on support any payment gateways other than PayPal?

Yes, any payment gateway supported and configured with WooCommerce is supported.

The Payment tab on the Setting page is not showing the transaction records?

Make sure you have correctly configured PayPal’s identity token, as described in the official documentation.

Can a  certificate only be bought once a student completes the course?

No, the student can pay for their LearnDash certificate from the WooCommerce shop before they begin progress on the course. However, they will not have access to the certificate until they complete the course / pass the quiz. 

It is possible to purchase a LearnDash course and its relevant course certificate at the same time through the WooCommerce store?  

Yes, if the LearnDash course is configured to be sold as a WooCommerce product within a WooCommerce shop, the user can indeed buy the course and it’s certificate together. Ideally saving the hassle of purchasing the certificate access once the buyer completes the course & providing an extra incentive to reach completion.

Is it necessary to provide free quiz attempts before selling the quiz as a paid product?

No, by entering “0” in the “Allow Free Quiz Attempts” field, you can turn off the free quiz attempts option only allowing access to a quiz after payment.

Will the “Payment” tab within the add-on's settings list payments made through both LearnDash’s Paypal and the WooCommerce payment gateways?

No, the add-on will only list payments made through  LearnDash’s PayPal, whereas the payments handled through WooCommerce gateways will be tracked in the “orders” sub-menu of the WooCommerce section on the WordPress dashboard.