LearnDash Attendance Add-on - FAQs

The Mark Present button is not showing on the course page.

Please make sure the “Allow Attendance Globally” option is checked at WP Dashboard > LearnDash > LearnDash Attendance > General Settings.

Also, make sure the “Disallow Attendance” option should not be checked on the desired course edit page if you want to allow the user/student to make his/her attendance.

BadgeOS plugin is mandatory for LearnDash Attendance add-on?

BadgeOS plugin isn’t necessary but if you want to award badges and achievements on attendance activity then it must be activated.

Does the user undo his/her marked attendance? 

No, once a user/student marked his/her attendance it will never be unmarked or undo.

Does the user have to mark his/her attendance every time he/she come to the specific course page? 

The user/student has to mark his/her attendance once a day.

Where I can check my students' attendance? 

You can check your students' attendance at the specific course edit page > Student Information.