LearnDash Attendance Add-on - FAQs

The Mark Present button is not showing on the course page to the students.

Please make sure the “Disallow Attendance” option should not be checked on the desired course edit page if you want to allow the user/student to make his/her attendance.

BadgeOS plugin is mandatory for the LearnDash Attendance add-on?

BadgeOS plugin isn’t necessary, but if you want to award badges and achievements on attendance activity, then it must be activated.

Can a user undo his/her marked attendance? 

No, once a user/student marked his/her attendance, it will never be unmarked or undo.

Does the user/student have to mark his/her attendance every time he/she come to the specific course page? 

The user/student has to mark his/her attendance once a day.

Where can I check my students’ attendance? 

You can check your students’ attendance at the specific course edit page > Student Information. 

Which translation plugins are recommended to work with this add-on? 

Loco Translate and WPML plugins are recommended to translate the LearnDash Attendance add-on into other languages.