LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export Add-on - FAQs

Does the Add-On support all question types present in LifterLMS?

The LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export add-on supports all question types present in the free version of LifterLMS. 

What will happen if I import a quiz a second time?

If changes are made in the excel file, then the new upload will result in a quiz update. If the Delete Existing Questions option is checked when the second import takes place, the existing quiz questions will be deleted and the new file’s quiz questions will be added.

Which excel file extension does this add-on support?

LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export supports only the .xls and .xlxs extension.

Where can I set the default quiz options before import?

The add-on’s settings page allows you to set all quiz import options available with LifterLMS quizzes before import. On this page, you can set a quiz passing rate, allowed quiz attempts, the time limit for each quiz attempt, and other quiz settings for all quizzes imported using the add-om. You can find this setting page by navigating to LifterLMS and then selectingLifterLMS Quiz Import/Export. The settings page is located under the quiz Import Options tab.

Where can I find a standard XLS template?

The LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export  .zip file includes a standard XLS template for quiz imports. You can locate this template in the Documentation folder stored in the main LifterLMS-quiz-import-export folder.