LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export Add-on - FAQs

Does the Add-On support all question types present in LifterLMS?

The LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export add-on supports all the default question types that are available in the free version and also supports LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes question types.

What will happen if I re-import a quiz?

When a quiz is re-imported, its content will be updated with the changes made to the Excel file.

Which excel file extension does this add-on support?

LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export only supports the .xls and .xlsx file extensions.

What does the "Delete Existing Questions" option do?

If you have enabled the "Delete Existing Questions" option any existing questions from the quiz will be deleted first when importing an excel file.  Afterward, the questions included in the file will be added to the quiz. This will prevent any questions that had been previously imported from being duplicated.

Where can I configure the default quiz options that will be applied to imported quizzes?

You can find these settings on LifterLMS > Quiz Import/Export > Quiz Import Options tab

Where can I find a standard XLS template?

The LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export  .zip file includes a standard XLS template for quiz imports. You can locate this template in the Documentation folder stored in the main LifterLMS-quiz-import-export folder.