LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export Add-on - Overview

Installation / Setup Instruction:

The following are the step by step instructions to setup LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export add-on

  • Install and activate the LifterLMS plugin.
  • Install and activate LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export add-on.
  • A new sub-menu “Quiz Import/Export” will be added under the LifterLMS menu.

Supported Question Types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Picture Choice
  • True/False
  • Content

General Settings:

For general settings, you have to follow the path WP Dashboard > LifterLMS  > Quiz Import/Export.

The setting will be applied to all the imported quizzes. You can change the setting from the specific quiz edit window.

Quiz Import/Export:

Passing Percentage:

Enter the minimum percentage of the total points required to pass the quiz.

Allowed Attempts:

Enter the maximum number of times a student can take the quiz.

Time Limit:

Enter the maximum number of minutes a student can spend on each attempt.

Show Correct Answers:

When enabled, students will be shown the correct answer to any question they answered incorrectly.

Randomize Question Order:

When enabled, display questions in a random order for each attempt. Content questions are locked into their defined positions.


To import a quiz, navigate to WP Dashboard > LifterLMS > Quiz Import/Export > Import.

Import Quiz:

Here you can upload the file to import the quiz. The file must be a ".xls" or ".xlsx" file.

Delete Existing Questions:

When enabled, existing questions in the same quiz will be deleted before importing new questions.


Using LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export add-on you can also export the created quiz in the .xls or .xlsx file, which we can use to import in the other site with the help of this addon.

To export the quiz follow these steps:

  • Navigate to LifterLMS > Courses > Lessons.
  • Export buttons are listed in the front of every lesson having a quiz.

  • Click the Export button, it will download the quiz in the .xls file.

LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export Template Guide:

LifterLMS Quiz Import/Export uses a standard template to import and export all LifterLMS question types. This template should be followed in order to create your own templates for import/export. The standard template can be found in the plugin folder: LifterLMS-quiz-import-export > Documentation > Standard Template. The template contains the standard LifterLMS question field names as columns names. It contains the following columns which would translate to LifterLMS quiz questions:

Lesson ID:

The column represents the Lesson ID to whom you want to associate that quiz. You can leave it empty and can associate the quiz with any lesson using Course Builder > Add Quiz > Add Existing Quiz, select the specific quiz from the drop-down.

Quiz Title:

This represents the quiz title for a LifterLMS quiz.

Question Title:

This represents the question title for a LifterLMS quiz question.

Question Type:

The column represents the type of LifterLMS question. This column can have the following values corresponding to the LifterLMS question types.

Multiple Choices:

Enter Yes if you have more then one correct answer for the multiple-choice question type. Otherwise, enter No.


This column would fill up the question description field for the question.


Here you can enter the solution hint, for the answer.


Here you can enter the image URL for the picture choice question type.


Here you can enter the video URL for the question.


The column represents the total points for each answer. 

Correct Answers:

Here you can enter the correct answers for all the question types. For the multiple-choice question type, you can add multiple correct answers by separating them with a comma (,).

Answer: (A, B, C)

In these columns, you can add the answer options. For example: for True False question type you can use the Answer A and Answer B column for True and False respectively.