Learndash Adaptive Learning Pro - Overview


Installation / Setup Instruction:

Following are the step by step instructions to setup LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro:

  • Install and activate the LearnDash plugin.
  • Install and activate the LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro plugin.
  • New LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro menu and Course Levels will be added under the LearnDash menu.

License Key Settings:

A license of LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro can be entered in LearnDash > LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro. By entering a valid license user will get the automatic updates.

Course Levels:

Adaptive Learning With LearnDash creates a new field inside each LearnDash course, this field is called the course level, this field shows up only for a course assigned a prerequisite course, that is to say, It is a “child course”.

When a user completes a parent course and passes quiz/quizzes in that course the resulting percentage is calculated and if there are more than 1 quizzes in the course the average percentage is determined.

The course levels provide “from” and “to” percentage mapping for the parent course results. The “from and to” percentage field can define a “level” for the child course. Whenever the parent results correspond to the percentages defined for a course level, then, that particular “child course” which was assigned that course level will be assigned to the student.

Therefore, students will be assigned corresponding child courses depending on their performance in the deterministic/prerequisite course.

Add New Course Level:

To add a new course level you have to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “Course Levels” under LearnDash menu from your WP Dashboard.

2. Click at “Add new course level” button.

3. Enter the title and add a description.

4. Set valid “from and to” quiz percentage. Under Course Level Option.

5. Publish.

Add New User Role:

We can assign a user role when a course level is achieved. To add a new user role you have to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “Course Levels” under LearnDash menu from your WP Dashboard.

2. Click at “Add new course level” button. Or Hover at desired created course level, click at the “edit”.

3. Scroll down to “Course Level Options” section.

4. Enter the new user role name for the field “User Role”.  (will be assigned, if a user falls in this course level)

This user role will be shown in all user role fields.  

5. Publish/Update.

Assign Course Level to a Child Course:

To assign a course level to a child course, you have to follow these steps:

1. Create a parent course. (i.e Course 1)

2. Create a child course. (i.e Course 2)

3. At child course (i.e Course 2) enable “Course Prerequisites” under “LearnDash Course Settings”.

4. Select a Prerequisites Course.

5. Once you selected a Prerequisites Course, two more options (Course Level and User Role) will be shown just below the “Course Prerequisites” option.

6. Select Course level and User Role.

7. Publish/Update the course.

Note: The child courses should be set as "closed" course type so that only the particular child course matching the Course Level based on the score is assigned to the student and all other child courses would remain inaccessible.

Assign Course Based On User Role:

You can also assign any LearnDash course based on user role only. All you have to do is:

1. Navigate to “Courses” from LearnDash menu.

2. Navigate to any desired course edit page.

3. Navigate to the “Setting” tab.

4. Enable the “Course Prerequisites” option under “Course Access Settings”

5. Select the desired user role from the drop-down for “Select A User Role” field.

6. Update/Publish the course.

Exclude Quiz:

You can exclude any quiz from the Adaptive Learning module. All you have to do is:

1. Navigate to “Quizzes” from LearnDash menu.

2. Open the “edit/add page” of the desired quiz.

3. Check the option “Exclude From Adaptive Learning Pro”, under “LearnDash Quiz Setting” section.

4. Update/Publish the quiz.

Parent/Child Course Enrollment Criteria:

We can show the Adaptive learning course (Parent/child courses) on the frontend by a shortcode.

You can add a simple shortcode [course_levels id="course_id"] at any course page.

For example:  [course_levels id="10"]

So, it will show the Parent / Child Courses hierarchy based on their course levels that will be easy to understand for the user. Plus it will show the required step for child course.

Adaptive Learning Pro Stats:

To review the user’s Adaptive Learning Stats, the admin has to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “Users” from the WP Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the desired user’s edit page.

3. Scroll down to “Adaptive Learning Pro Stats” section.