BadgeOS EDD Gateway - FAQs

BadgeOS Gateway is not showing on the checkout.

Make sure you have enabled the BadgeOS EDD Gateway from Downloads > Settings > BadgeOS Gateway. 

Also, check whether the redeeming is not disabled on the download from the download edit page.

Could I use “BadgeOS EDD Gateway” and any other payment gateway simultaneously?

Yes, you can use BadgeOS EDD Gateway with any other payment gateway at the same time.

Where I can set the number of BadgeOS points to buy the download?

Go to that specific download edit/add page. On the right side of the page, there is a meta-box: Redeem BadgeOS points Enter the number of points here and update/publish the download.

Would it work on variable pricing download?

Yes, It will work on variable pricing download.

What will happen if a user doesn’t have the required points?

If the user doesn’t have enough require points, an error message will be shown on purchasing a download.