LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration FAQs

Does minimum % grade on a quiz trigger still award badge even if a user fails in a quiz?

Yes, It will award the badge when the required % grade is achieved even if the user failed the quiz.

How “LifterLMS Quiz Score As BadgeOS Points” works?

Enabling this option will award the quiz score to the user. If quiz score multiplier is set to 0 or 1, it will award quiz score to the user. If quiz score multiplier is set to 2, then double quiz score will be awarded to the user. 

For Example: If quiz score is 10 and quiz score multiplier is 0 and 1 then 10 points will be awarded to the user and if quiz score multiplier is 2 then 20 points will be awarded.

How Course Track trigger works?

The Course Track trigger is activated when a user completes all the courses in a course track.

For Example: If there are three courses in a course track so after completing all the three courses, the Course Track trigger will be activated and badge will be awarded.

Student creates a new account but badge/achievement is not awarded ?

Make sure that the user completes the registration process through LifterLMS registration form.

Note: Enable the option “Allow registration on the Account Access Page without enrolling in a course or membership.” to allow the registration.