LifterLMS EDD Integration - FAQs

    Can we enroll the user in multiple courses on purchasing a single download?

    Yes, multiple enrollments can be achieved by purchasing a single download. Select multiple courses on the download edit page in the Course Options.

    Can we enroll the user in multiple memberships on purchasing a single download?

    No, one membership can be selected at a time on download edit page on the Membership Options. So a user can only be enrolled in a single membership after purchasing the single download.

    How can we use EDD Paypal for purchasing the LifterLMS Course?

    We can use the EDD Paypal payment gateway for purchasing the LifterLMS courses.

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Setup and enable EDD Paypal gateway
    2. Create a download and select the course in the course option
    3. Purchase the EDD download with Paypal
    4. The user will be enrolled in the course

    The user is not enrolling in the default membership.

    Make sure the Membership Subscription option is enabled at LifterLMS Settings > Integrations > Easy Digital Downloads. A user will not enroll in the default membership if this option is disabled.