LearnDash Buddy Up - FAQs

Where can I get the LearnDash Buddy Up settings?

Go to the LearnDash menu from dashboard > Buddy Up settings.

Can I use custom pages for Approval, Decline, Permission Denied redirected pages?

Yes, you can select any page from the drop-down in front of these fields from LearnDash LMS > Buddy Up setting > General Settings tab.

Can I customize the emails for approval, invitation etc?

Yes, you have to go to LearnDash LMS > Buddy Up setting > desired email setting tab. Here you can enter the custom email subject and the custom email content.

What if I don't want to allow to create buddy- up group for any specific course?

You just have to go to that specific edit/add page, on the right side there will be a meta box Buddy Up. You can select the disallow option for the Buddy-Up field and update/publish the page.

What if I want to disallow any user to send buddy up request to any other user?

You have to go to the specific user edit/add page from Dashboard > Users. there will be a field Buddy Up information, select disallow from the options, and save.

What if any student/user wants to leave the buddied-up group?

For leaving the group, the user has to go that specific course page. There will be a Buddied-up box on that page with a Leave button option.

Can I create multiples chat groups in a single course?

Yes, multiples chat groups can be created in a single course but a user can only join one group in a course. Users are not allowed to join multiples chat groups in a single course.

Can I resend the request/invite to the user who rejected my request/invitation?

No. If the user has rejected any buddied up request or invitation request, then the sender will not be allowed to resend the request/invitation again to the same user in that course. 

Will the chat show all the content of the course like lesson/topic/quiz?

Yes, the group chat will show on all the content of the course, except quizzes.

What will happen to a user who is a member of a group and is disallowed by the admin from a profile?

If the user is from a chat/group and is disallowed from profile, then no one can send him a request/invitation. They can send requests to join any group, however, they will still be a member of the previously created group.