LearnDash Buddy Up - FAQs

Where can I get the LearnDash Buddy Up settings?

Go to the LearnDash menu from dashboard > Buddy Up settings.

Can I use custom messages for Approval, Decline notifications?

Yes, you can configure any notification message from the drop-down in front of these fields from LearnDash LMS > Buddy Up setting > General tab > Notifications.

Can I customize the emails sent by this add-on?

Yes, you have to go to LearnDash LMS > Buddy Up setting > Emails tab. Here you can configure the custom email subject and the custom email content for the Invitation by User, Invitation by Email, No Free User Email and the Pairing Email.

What if any student/user wants to leave the buddied-up group?

For leaving the group, the user has to go that specific course page and select the Buddy up tab. There will be a box on that page with a Remove Buddy button option.

Can there be multiple buddy up groups in a single course?

Yes, multiple buddy up groups can be created in a single course but a user can only join one buddy up group in a course. Users are not allowed to join multiple buddy up groups in a single course.

Can I resend the request/invite to the user who rejected my request/invitation?

Yes, You can resend the request/invite to the same user. 

Will the chat show all the content of the course like lesson/topic/quiz?

Yes, the group chat will show on the Courses, lessons and quizzes. Each course will have a separate chat.