LearnDash Buddy Up - FAQs

Where can I find the LearnDash Buddy Up settings?

Go to the LearnDash menu from the dashboard and select “Buddy Up Settings”.

How can I display a chat box on a specific page or post?

You can add a Buddy Up chatbox to any given page or post by adding the “ [ldbu_buddy_chat course_id=Course_ID] ” shortcode on the selected page/post, including the course ID of the specific course chat you want to display. 

Can I create multiple chat boxes in a single course?

No, you can’t create multiple chat boxes for a single course. However, you can display a specific course’s chatbox on multiple pages/posts. 

How can I find other course enrollees for private messaging?

You can find a list of students enrolled in the course that are currently online on the chat box.