LearnDash Buddy Up - Overview


  • Install and activate the LearnDash plugin.
  • Install and activate the LearnDash BuddyUp Add-on.
  • A New Buddy Up Settings menu will be added to the LearnDash menu.

Buddy Up Settings:


You can configure your add-on’s license key from the license tab. Enter a valid license key in the corresponding field to receive automatic updates for this product.


Under this tab you’ll find the shortcode that can be used with the LearnDash BuddyUp plugin. You can use this shortcode with a corresponding course ID to display a chat module for a  course on any page or post.

Just add the [ldbu_buddy_chat course_id=”Course_ID”] shortcode with the course ID on any page/post to display a chat module, enabling course enrollees to interact with each other.


[ldbu_buddy_chat course_id=5]


Chat Module

Using the chat module’s shortcode, with the corresponding course id, you can display a chat box for a specific course on any page or post. 

  1. This area displays the name of the course.
  2. This search field lets you search for course enrollees  so that students can send direct messages to each other. 
  3. This is the global chat for the specific course. All course enrollees can participate in this discussion.
  4. This area displays the chats of the students that you have previously interacted with.
  5. This area displays the user’s Avatar.
  6. This area displays the user’s username..
  7. This area displays a list of the users who are online.
  8. You can type and send your message using this field.
  9. This area holds the conversation thread of the selected chat.