BadgeOS LearnDash Pro - FAQ

Is it possible to use course/lesson/topic tags to award badges?

Yes in this version, we can use course tags, lesson tags and topic tags to award badges.

If we select trigger Any Course/Lesson/Topic, can we restrict a specific course/lesson/topic to award the badge?

No, we can not restrict an event to award badge of course/lesson/topic. If Any trigger is enabled then it will award badge when any of the course, lesson and topic completed.

Does Minimum % grade on a quiz trigger still award badge even if a user fails in a quiz?

Yes, It will award badge when the required % grade is achieved even if the user failed the quiz.

Can we award badge on purchasing a course?

Yes, on purchase course trigger has been added in this pro version.

How “LearnDash Quiz Points as BadgeOs Points” works?

Enabling this option will award the quiz score to the user. If quiz score multiplier is set to 0 or 1, it will award quiz score to the user. If quiz score multiplier is set to 2, then double quiz score will be awarded to the user. For Example: If quiz score is 10 and quiz score multiplier is 0 and 1 then 10 points will be awarded to the user and if quiz score multiplier is 2 then 20 points will be awarded.
How does “On Group Registration” work?
Whenever a user adds in a Learndash group then this achievement will be awarded.