BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway - FAQs

On user-end “Use BadgeOS Points” option is not showing to buy the course/ unlock course/Lesson:

Make sure that you have checked the corresponding option from BadgeOS > Setting > BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway Setting.

Can I use “BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway” and any other payment gateway simultaneously?

Yes, you can use “BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway” payment gateway and any other payment gateway at the same time.

Where I can set the number of BadgeOS points to buy course?

Go to that specific course edit/add page. On the right side of the page, there is a meta-box “BadgeOS Buy Course Points”, enter the number of points here and update/publish the course.

How the option “Redeem only remaining points/credits” works to unlock course/lesson?

For better understanding we can use this example:

A course/lesson has 500 access point (the number of points a user must have to access that specific course/lesson) and the user has 400 LearnDash points but also has 100 BadgeOS Points.

The user can use these 100 BadgeOS points to unlock that course, these 100 BadgeOS points will be added with LearnDash points and make the 500 points. Zero BadgeOS points will be left for the user.