LearnDash Course Import/Export - FAQs

Does the Add-on support all course types (pricing) present in LearnDash?

Yes. The add-on supports all LearnDash course types including the recurring course type as well.

Which excel extension does this add-on support?

This add-on supports the .xls and .xlsx file extension.

Where can I find the standard XLS template?

The plugin zip file includes a standard XLS template for import. The standard XLS template is located inside the zip file provided here: learndash-course-import-export > sample-import-files.

How can I export a course?

To export any course you have to go to the “Courses” page under the LearnDash LMS menu. Next, click on the “Export” button located in the “Course Export” column. 

Can I export lessons and topics, without exporting an entire course?

Currently, the add-on only supports exports for complete courses.

Can I import or export multiple courses at a time?

Yes, the add-on supports imports and exports for multiple courses. 

Will the course, lessons, and topics be successfully imported if the Shared Course Steps are enabled from the course settings?

Yes, you can successfully import and export the courses with the “shared course steps” option enabled.

Why does the course’s import progress bar get infinitely stuck?

The import progress bar might get stuck when importing a large number of courses at once. To resolve this issue, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to apply the following changes to server configurations:
upload_max_filesize = 32M
post_max_size = 48M
memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time = 600
max_input_vars = 1000 
max_input_time = 400

If a course, lesson, or topic has text, images, and a video lesson how are these added to the spreadsheet and how would one control formatting/appearance?

Images and videos can be added using HTML tags. <img> for the images, <p> for text  and <video> and [embed] for the videos. Using these tags you can add images and videos along with the text.