LearnDash Group Chat - Overview


  • Install and activate the LearnDash plugin.
  • Install and activate the LearnDash Group Chat Add-on.
  • A New Group Chatmenu will be added to the LearnDash menu.



  • License:

You can configure your add-on’s license key from the “license” tab. Enter a valid license key in the corresponding field to receive automatic updates for this add-on. 

  • Shortcode: 

 The required shortcode to display the chat module is the following:


Add the [ld_group_chat course_id=”Course_ID”] shortcode with the corresponding course ID on any page/post to display a chat module for the specified course, enabling studentsto interact with each other.

Example: [ld_group_chat course_id=362]

This is how the chat box will appear on the front-end:


Chat Module

Using the chat module’s shortcode, with the corresponding course id, you can display a chat box for a specific course on any page or post.

Take note of the following to navigate through the chat box:

  1. Press this button to create any new group.
  2. This search field lets you find other students in order to  send them direct messages. 
  3. Here you can see the username or display name for any given student or group.
  4. This is the online or offline indicator, showing you the current status for any student.
  5. This area displays your conversation history.
  6. Use this field to type and send messages. 
  7. Here you’ll find a timestamp for any message
  8. Here you can find the username of the message’s sender.