LearnDash Instructors Tab Overview

The LearnDash Course Instructors add-on allows you to display instructors’ details on a course’s page. Displayed data includes the instructor’s information and links to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.


  • Install the LearnDash plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LearnDash Course Instructors add-on and activate it.

Course Instructor’s Tab :

You can find the course instructors’ tab settings are in the course’s settings.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s links can be added directly to the user profiles.

Note: On the front-end, the instructor’s tab will display the instructor’s profile picture, social links, and a  short description only when there is a Gravatar account for the user, and the “Social links” fields and the “Biographical Info” on the user’s profile are properly configured.  

To configure the Course Instructor’s Tab:

  • Navigate to Learndash > Courses and click on the desired course.
  • Go to the course settings and enable the “Show Instructors Tab” option.
  • Select the instructor whose details you want to display on the Course instructor’s tab on the frontend.
  • Configure the rest of the options and Save settings.
  • Navigate to the “Users” menu and select the instructor’s profile which you have selected in the above steps.
  • Configure the “Social Media Links” section.
  • Configure the “Biographical Info” section.
  • Update user.

This is how the instructor's tab will look like on the frontend when added to any course page: