LearnDash Goals - FAQs

How is the time spent watching video lessons recorded?

Time can be recorded when you embed a lesson’s video with the following shortcode.

[ld_goals_video url=" insert valid URL here" video_type="specify video location here"]Goals Video[/ld_goals_video]

Can the same video be used in multiple courses at the same site?

Yes, you can embed the video’s URL using the add-on’s shortcode  on any page or post you want.

Should the time options available for goal setting be configured  in hours or minutes?

The time goal options should be  configured in minutes.

What video sources are supported by this add-on?

The add-on supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo and videos uploaded locally on your website.

How can I select the week for which the weekly activity towards the goal is recorded?

The add-on automatically selects the current week from the Gregorian calendar and marks the activity for that week. 

Why are emails sent with the site’s default name after I’ve configured a name in the “From Name” field on the email template?

Please make sure that the plugin you are using to configure your mail’s SMTP on the site doesn’t have the “force from name” option enabled and configured.