LearnDash Goals - Overview

LearnDash Goals add-on allows students to set their own weekly study goals. Every minute learners spend watching lessons and topic videos on LearnDash courses are tracked and count towards their weekly goal.


  • Install and activate the LearnDash plugin.
  • Install and activate the LearnDash Goals Add-on.
  • A New Goals menu will be added to the LearnDash menu.

Goal Settings:

Enable Goal Video Progression on Courses, Lessons or Topics:

Navigate to the settings of any specific LearnDash course, lesson, or topic and enable the switch of  “Enable Goal Setting Video Progression” which lets you enable the goal progression on that specific content.

General Settings:

User Progress Circle Color:

Select the color you want the progress circle to be on the front end.


Set Time Goals:

Select the time goals (in minutes), you want to offer your students to count their progress.



Encouragement Notes:

You can customise various messages as encouragement notes that are displayed on the frontend with the progress circle.

Default message:

This message will be displayed if the user hasn’t set up any goals yet.



Get started note:

This message will be displayed if the user just started or resets/edits his/her goal.



Resume progress note:

This message will be displayed if the user has already started his goal but has not achieved his/her goal yet.



Congratulations note:

This message will be displayed if the user has achieved his/her goal.



Email Templates:

From this tab, you can customize the email templates which will be sent to the students in the following scenarios:

  • Get Started Email

This email will be sent to the user when the user just starts or resets/edits his/her goal from the frontend.

  • Congratulations Email

This email will be sent to the user when the user achieves his/her goal.

Customisable Options:

From Name: If not provided, It will use the default system email name.

From Email: If not provided, It will use the admin’s email.


Message: HTML is supported if you enable the “Allow HTML” option below.


This tab displays the relevant information about the available shortcodes this add-on has to offer.

Available Shortcodes:


This shortcode displays the user’s weekly progress on any page or post from where he/she can start, edit or remove his/her weekly goals.

[ld_goals_video url=" insert valid URL here" video_type="specify video location here"]Goals Video[/ld_goals_video]
[ld_goals_video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScMzIvxBSi4&ab_channel=BenMarquezTX" video_type="youtube"]Goals Video[/ld_goals_video]

This shortcode displays the goal settings video on any page or post.

The time for the weekly goal will be recorded when the above-embedded video will be played.

Available Parameters and accepted values:

url="Valid Video Url"

video_type = "vimeo", “youtube”, “local”, “bunny_cdn_hls”

You can also insert video lessons by clicking on the “Goal Setting Video” button that appears on a lesson’s edit page when using the Classic Editor.

This button enables you to directly enter the video name, video URL, select the video type into corresponding fields to automatically generate the shortcode and insert it on the lesson’s page.

  Note: This add-on is not able to track time spent browsing through lesson pages, only minutes spent watching videos. As a result the add-on only works when video lessons are used. Any videos added directly to a lesson, without using the shortcode, won’t be eligible for student study-time tracking with this add-on.

LearnDash Goals Widget:

The LearnDash Goals Widget allows you to display the user’s weekly progress on any page or post. Using the widget, students can start, edit or delete their study goals.

To add the LearnDash Goals Widget, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Appearance from the WordPress admin Dashboard.
  • Drag the LearnDash Goals widget from the Available Widgets, and drag and drop it to the desired location.  

  • Enter a title for the widget area.
  • Click Save and Done.

License Option:

You can configure your add-on’s license key from the license tab. Enter a valid license key in the corresponding field to receive automatic updates for this product. 

How can students set or edit their weekly goal?

  • Navigate to the page or post where the [ld_goals_user_weekly_goal] shortcode or the LearnDash Goals widget is displayed. 



  • Click on the ”Set your goal” or “Edit Goal” button to set, edit or remove the weekly goals.
  • The following popup will be displayed from which the user can edit the weekly goals.

  1. Click anywhere on the number line to set the time lap for your weekly goal.
  2. Click on the “Set goal” button to confirm the configured time lap.
  3. Click on the “Remove goal” button if you want to remove the previously set time lap.

Here’s a video showing the goal setting process:

Here’s what the process will look like when deleting a goal: