LearnDash Assignments Deadline Add-on- Overview

The LearnDash Advanced Assignments add-on allows course instructors and admins to add a deadline to lesson and topic assignments. Once a date is set as a deadline, it is displayed to the user and a notification is sent when the submission deadline approaches.


  • Install the LearnDash plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LearnDash Advanced Assignments add-on and activate it.
  • After activating the add-on you will see the “Assignment’s Deadlines” sub-menu.

License Configuration:

Go to LearnDash LMS > Assignment’s Deadlines and select the License Settings tab. Then, enter the License Key in the corresponding field.

Configure Assignment Deadlines:

Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Lessons/Topics, and select the specific lesson or topic you want to set an assignment deadline for. Then go to the lesson’s o topic’s Settings and enable the “Assignments Uploads” option.

From the “Deadline for Assignments” field below, you can set a deadline for the assignment submission. The deadline is set to a specific date and time. The enrollee won’t be able to upload his/her assignment after the deadline.

By enabling the “Display Deadline on the frontend” option, students will be able to see the assignment’s deadline from the submission box and can comment too.

This is what your students will see from the frontend:

When the “Deadline Notifications” option is enabled, students will see a deadline notification, on the front-end, when the assignment’s deadline is near.
This is what your students will see on the front-end: You can configure how many days before the deadline the notification should be displayed in the “Display When Due Date is ahead” field. Enabling the “Extended Deadline Status” will enable students to submit their assignments in an extended deadline period. This period is set to a specific number of hours after the deadline has passed. When an extended deadline period is available, this is what your students will see on the front-end: Next, enter the hours you want to extend the deadline by in the  “Extended deadline hours” field.

Your students can see the time extensions on the deadline on the front-end: If you want to deduct points from a student when the assignment is submitted in the extended deadline period, enable the “Extended Deadline Points Deduction” option.

Note: This option only works if the points are enabled on the assignment uploads. Your students will be notified of the corresponding point deduction on the front-end: Next, in the “Extended deadline points” field enter the number of points to be deducted from the assignment points when the assignment is submitted in the extended deadline period. Finally, configure the other assignment setting options according to your needs and click on Update.