Learndash Quiz Import/Export - FAQs

How do I set up the add-on?

Following are the instructions to setup LearnDash quiz import/export Addon.

Does it support all questions types present in LearnDash?

Yes, The add-on supports all questions types present in LearnDash including the essay question type as well.

What will happen if I import a quiz a second time?

If changes are made in the excel file, then it will update the quiz. And if the file name is changed then it will create another quiz with the new name.

Which excel extension does this add-on support?

This add-on supports only .xls extension.

Where can I set the default quiz options before import?

The add-on provides a separate page to set all the options available with a LearnDash quiz before import. You can find the page here LD Quiz Import/Export > Import/Export Setting.

Where can I find a standard XLS template?

The plugin zip file includes a standard XLS template for import. The standard XLS template is located inside the zip file provided with the plugin here, learndash-quiz-import-export > Documentation.

From where can I export a quiz?

To export any quiz you have to go to the Quizzes page under the LearnDash LMS menu. There you will find an Export button in front on every quiz. You can easily export the desired quiz by clicking the Export button in front on it.

Can I import or export multiple quizzes at a time?

Yes, you can import and export multiple quizzes at a time by using Learndash Multiple Quiz Import Export Addon

Can I add both, images and text, in the sheet for an answer?

Yes, images and text both can be added in the answer if the column Answer Type is selected as html.

Learndash question post type is supported or not?

Yes, the new  learndash question  post type is supported by the addon.

For matrix sorting question, html will be applied on the element field or criterion field?

If answer type is html on the matrix sorting field in the sheet then on importing the quiz, it will be applied to both, i.e. element field and criterion field. So we can add text and images on the element as well as criterion fields.