AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration -FAQs

Why don’t I see the LearnDash Integration option when I navigate to AffiliateWP > Settings > Integrations?

You’ll need to install and activate the AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration Add-on to see LearnDash listed as an AffiliateWP Integration.

How can I set a flat-rate referral commission amount for  LearnDash paid courses?

Navigate to AffiliateWP > Settings > General and scroll down to the field labelled “Referral Rate Type”.  Select the “Flat Rate” option and set the specific amount on the “referral rate” field. l. You can follow this official AffiliateWP documentation for a detailed guide to set up the referral commissions.

Which type of content can I use for the premium lectures?

You can use text, images, embed videos or other multimedia content, link to PDFs or audio files, etc. Any content that can be used in LearnDash Courses, lessons or topics can be added.

After using referral points to unlock a premium lecture, can I re-lock it and gain my referral points back?

No, you can neither re-lock the premium lecture once it’s unlocked nor re-gain the referral

points once spent. 

Can I buy any LearnDash paid course even if I have sufficient referral points in my wallet? 

Yes, there is a drop-down menu on the “enrol in course” button on the course page which lets you select the payment method between the referral points or any other payment method.

Can I buy any Premium Lecture if I don’t have sufficient referral points in my wallet to unlock it?

No, for the time being, the premium lectures can exclusively be unlocked with referral points. You will be able to buy access to the premium lectures in future updates of the add-on.