LearnDash Progress Reset Add-on - FAQs

Can I reset the progress of a specific user for a specific course?

Yes, you can. You have to select the user and the course at the “Progress Reset Form” and then click on the “Reset Progress” button.

If the user has only completed the course partially, can this add-on reset such progress?

Yes, partial progress will also get reset.

Will enrolled students that haven’t started a course be affected by the reset?

The add-on will ignore those users whose progress is zero.

Will enrolled students’ progress of enrolled courses, lessons, attempted quizzes, and submitted assignments from the user’s account reset?

Yes, this progress will reset from any of the available options to reset.

If there are 2 users with the same display name, how will the admin differentiate it on the Specific User field on the Progress Reset page?

On the Specific User’s field, the usernames will be displayed with the email addresses associated with the display names for differentiating between the users.