AffiliateWP Stripe Payout - FAQs

I can only connect Stripe Express accounts on the front end. How can I connect both Stripe Express and Stripe Standard accounts on the front end? 

The account connection options are determined by the OAuth settings on the Stripe account.  Be sure to double-check the OAuth settings by navigating to Settings > Connect (Settings) from your  Stripe’s Account. Select both account types if you want to have both options displayed on the front end.

Where can I find the Publishable and Secret keys?

Login to your Stripe Account and navigate to Developers > API keys from the left side menu. There you will find the Publishable Key and Secret Key located under Standard Keys.

How can I configure the Redirect URL after an affiliate account is successfully connected with the admin account? 

Login to your Stripe Account and navigate to Settings > Connect (Settings). There will be a section of Redirects just below the OAuth settings. Here you can add the URLs you want to redirect the user to on their accounts’ successful connection with the admin account.

Where can admins see the list of affiliates connected to their account?

Login to your Stripe account from the left side menu and select “ Connected Accounts.” You will find a list of all connected accounts here.

Does this add-on support cross-region payments? like I am in the United States of America and wants to pay an affiliate that is living in the United Kingdom?

No, the addon current version does not support the cross-region payment, but in the upcoming version, we will add this support.

Can I use different currency in the Stripe account and AffiliateWP settings?

No, the addon will only perform the payments using the Stripe account's currency, please make sure your AffiliateWP currency is the same as your Stripe account currency.

Can the admin integrate a Stripe account that is using an old version of Stripe API?

Yes, this addon will be compatible with your Stripe even you are using an old version of Stripe APIs.

Is there any fee involved to make payouts?

No, there  are no additional fee other than Stripe transactional fee/charges.